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Balento Euro Floor Black Walnut V Groove 8mm Laminate Flooring

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Our beautiful Balento EuroFloor Black Walnut is a stunning looking traditional looking walnut floor, as an authentic 8mm laminate floor. A lot of work has gone into creating the wood grain textures of this board and the V-groove flooring with bevelled edge is the perfect floor for any room, especially heavy domestic use, and commercial properties. 


This gorgeous 8mm Laminate flooring has both style and durability. It has incredible swirl design that will look wonderful where you chose to lay it in your home. Laminate is a great flooring solution as it can be placed anywhere within your home and doesn’t need much looking after. Of course a cleaning won’t go a miss.This hard wearing little laminate doesn’t scratch easily so you live freely on your stunning new floor.


The intricate twirling pattern gives a really fun and upbeat atmosphere to any room this laminate floor is placed in! It’s a deep, chocolate colour that will keep your home feeling warm and cosy; making it the perfect thing for those larger rooms.


Product ID: 648
Part number: ID-648
ISBN: Book number
Condition: New
Brand: Eurofloor
Categories: Laminate Flooring  
Area covered: 1.9148m2