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Balento Euro Floor Cavallo Oak V Groove 8mm Laminate Flooring

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Our Balento Euro Floor Cavallo Oak is click glueless loc system laminate. The 8mm thickness floor has a V-Groove defining each floor plank, but won't gather the dirt so makes it a perfect option for areas with heavy foot traffic.


The wood effect floors, could be described as having an almost cafe latte complexion and is super durable laminate but at an unbeatable low cost! One fantastic feature of the floor is it is resilient to scratches, this is suitable for all family living rooms as well as suitable for those with pets and kids..The lovely deep buttery colour of this laminate is a real crowd pleaser!

Product ID: 651
Part number: ID-651
ISBN: Book number
Condition: New
Brand: Eurofloor
Categories: Laminate Flooring  
Area covered: 1.9148m2