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Balento Olympic 15mm Montreal Wide Plank Oak Embossed Laminate Flooring

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People often look for really rich dark laminates, however none come as high end as our Balento Olympic Montreal.


The most subtle, luxurious floor could easily be mistaken as a real wood floor, not just due to its look but also down to the thickness of the floor, as this is a 15mm laminate floor. Not only does this make the floor structurally stable but also exceptionally robust and long lasting with a 25 warranty.


The added bonus of this floor is the additional 3mm underlay attached to the floor, so this simple click system floor is so straight forward to fit you’ll thank us once it is fitted!

Room Hallways, Living rooms, Dining rooms and light commercial areas
Category Laminate, V-Grooved, 4 way Bevel
Surface Texture Dark Oak Registered Embossed Texture
Thickness 15mm
Underlay Attached 3mm
Plank Width 197mm
Length Range 1218mm (fixed Length)
System Click system
Grade AC3
Pack Size 0.959 
Warranty 25 years
Product ID: 758
Part number: ID-758
ISBN: Book number
Condition: New
Brand: Olympic
Categories: Laminate Flooring  
Area covered: 0.959m2