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Balento Olympic 15mm Sapporo Walnut V Groove Laminate Flooring

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Balento Olympic Sapporo is extremely close in colour to walnut, exotic wood look. However the major difference in this laminate is due to the durability and toughness of this floor it is less prone to marking, scuff or scrape.


As a 15mm floor the product has a strong core. The rich intense look is the sleek sapporo main selling feature. The product comes with variable random lengths, the majority are long which ensures a super realistic floor. The floor has a 3mm heavy duty underlay attached to each board adding a layer of thermal insulation and sound impact reduction qualities


Although a slightly darker laminate floor to others, this floor works in all areas of the home and creates that real wood appearance in the most cost effective manner.


Room Hallways, Living rooms, Dining rooms and light commercial areas
Category Laminate, V-Grooved, 4 way Bevel
Species Walnut
Thickness 15mm
Underlay Attached 3mm
Plank Width 129mm
Length Rang 400 - 1218 mm (Random Length)
System Click system
Grade AC3
Pack Size 1.51 m²
Warranty 25 years
Product ID: 750
Part number: ID-750
ISBN: Book number
Condition: New
Brand: Olympic
Categories: Laminate Flooring  
Area covered: 1.51m2