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Balento Vintage Whitewashed Oak 10mm Laminate Flooring

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Whitewashed Oak: This floor is a showstopper, open any interiors magazine and you will see this floor jumping out at you , this is being used by the top designers right now to create some fantastic living spaces


Residential areas and light commercial use
Category Wood Effect Laminate Flooring
Species White Wood
Texture Vintage Oak Wood
Thickness 10 mm
Plank Width 195 mm
Length Range 1215 mm Fixed length
System Click System
Wear Resistance AC3
Pack Size 1.422 SQM
Warranty 20 Years Warranty 
Underlay Attached 2mm Foil Underlay attached on each board
Product ID: 914
Part number: ID-914
Condition: New
Brand: Vintage
Categories: Laminate Flooring  
Area covered: 1.422m2